Dr. Eli Capilouto is the President of the University of Kentucky. He does not have full control over the budget but his support is definitely of the upmost importance if art is to get more funding at UK. 

Click here for Dr. Eli Capilouto's website-> CLICK 

To email Dr. Eli Capilouto click his name.

Andy Barr is the Congressman for the 6th district of Kentucky. This district contains the city of Lexington, where the University of Kentucky is located, and Congressman Barr's support would be influential to the state passing funding to the arts

Click here for Andy Barr's website -> CLICK 

Unfortunately since Mr. Barr is a Congressman if you wish to email him you must live in the 6th district of Kentucky and input your zip-code. To learn more click here-> CLICK

 Jim Gray is the Mayor of Lexington Kentucky, with his support the state may find ways to distribute the money differently and add more money to the University of Kentucky which will lead to more art education funding. 

Like Eli Capilouto, Mayor Gray is not in full control over what happens to the budget, but he does have a very important input into the discussion

Click here for Mayor Gray's website-> CLICK

To email Mayor Jim Gray click his name.

 If you have any further questions, want to know more about art education, or other ways to get involved email us,

Shelby Wacker -> CLICK

David Carson -> CLICK


 There are many ways you can help more funding go towards the art programs here at UK.

Some examples of how to help include: protesting, writing letters to the state and to Eli Capilouto (our President), raise money yourself by selling merchandise on campus, raise awareness, join fundraisers, etc!

Or below there is a letter and all you have to do is enter your name and email to help! It is as easy as that if arts aren't really your fort-ay or you won't even be taking arts in college at all. Knowing that you helped out by just putting your name and email will be a great feeling and easy for you!


       I support art more art funding at The University of Kentucky and want you to know that with more art funding the University would not only benefit culturally, but also academically. I hope you consider giving more support.

           From, INSERT YOUR NAME HERE


If the links provided above don't work for any reason you can insert these direct email addresses:

David Carson-> deca222@g.uky.edu

Shelby Wacker -> heyimshelbyxo@aol.com

Dr. Eli Capilouto ->pres@email.uky.edu

Mayor Jim Gray->mayor@lexingtonky.gov 

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