If there was more funding towards the Arts program here at the University of Kentucky then not only would there be improvement in every aspect of the arts but it would also help improve the facilities where art classes are. In the past three years there have been two incidents where the Fine Arts building has flooded. In one incident there was raw sewage floating around on the ground. This disgusting incident is a blight on the reputation of the University of Kentucky and could be easily fixed if funding was available.

 The solution to this problem is to try to show other majors, especially science and math, that if their students were enrolled in an art class they would be statistically more likely to perform better in their math and science classes. There have been studies conducted, like the "Most creative country" study, performed by the Martin Prosperity Insitute that shows that there is a direct correlation between the amount of economic progress, human development, and happiness. Simply stated, an investment in art education could lead to immense innovation, which will be prosperous for both parties. A more fair distribution will help all involved and help the University of Kentucky become more well known and overall become more successful.


Above is a video of the Fine Arts building flooding in 2013. 


 Solutions to this dilemma of art funding could be summed up very simply, but is more complex than it seems. Simply stated there should be more money given to the college of fine arts so that they can remodel the facilities and make sure that the students are in the best environment to learn and succeed in their craft. The main problem is that the funds to do such an action cannot be conjured out of thin air. The university must take money away from other departments. This is a problem because no one is willing to give up their funding.

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